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About Tracie

I began my journey into pregnancy, birth, motherhood and family life several years ago, before the birth of my oldest Daughter. Over the years my fascination with family and birth has grown and expanded. My own varied birth experiences (hospital with interventions, hospital with natural child birth, home birth and most recently a homebirth transfer) allow me to offer an extremely varied understanding of how the birthing parents are feeling and what they might want in many different situations.

My journey working with expectant families began after the birth of my oldest son at home. The amazing circle of women who supported and guided my family and I through our third birth journey was an amazing and transformative experience. I knew right after my son’s water birth that I had found my path, sharing that support with other families. I completed my Birth Doula training and certification with DONA international and began attending births soon after. My experiences with my own two HypnoBirths led me to become a Certified HypnoBirthing Practitioner that same year and ultimately a Certified Hypnotherapist. Prior to beginning my work with birthing families, I was fortunate to work with two amazing Hypnotherapists. This helped me to see what I could share with the families I work with. Helping them accomplish their goals before, during and after pregnancy. My hypnotherapy work and my previous experiences on the path of infertility, mine, family and close friends, has led me to finally reach out to other families on this issue that is very close to my heart.

Each situation is unique to each special family, couple and client that I work with. It is a blessing to accompany and support families on their journey through fertility, pregnancy and birth. Sharing knowledge and advising expectant parents during childbirth education, supporting families as a birth doula or helping Mother’s, couples and families to achieve their goals through hypnotherapy. This is not a job or career, it is a passion. I thoroughly enjoy meeting clients, hearing their stories and working closely with them to achieve their goals.

After my recent pregnancy and the birth of my youngest son in late May of 2014, I will be slowing down on my doula work and shifting my focus to my teaching, hypnotherapy and the additional services I will be offering such as placenta, TENS rental and the items offered in our online store beginning in August of 2014. I am beyond thrilled to share this work with one of my best friends, Paula Calhoun. She has been such a blessing in my life personally and was an amazing Doula for me at my son's recent birth. I am so fortunate to share this new venture with her and all that we have shared professionally in the last five years.

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About Paula

I began my journey into the Birth community in 2009 as a Birth Doula and have helped over 200 families since then with each birth being a miraculous and beautiful experience. My philosophy is that each mother will make the best decision for herself and her child while I am present to serve her objectively and compassionately. I love supporting women in all aspects of birth. I personally loved being pregnant myself, having three children of my own and also being a surrogate mother twice. Growing up I always wanted to be a mom and having such an easy time with my first two sons getting pregnant and delivering them, I wanted to help someone that wasn't in the same situation, thus looking into and becoming a Surrogate mom (One of the best experiences of my life and came away feeling like I made a difference in someone elses life:), which also made me understand the other side of not being able to just get pregnant because someone wanted to. While serving all my families in the past 5 years, I have encountered many couples who have experienced fertility issues, anxiety, insomnia, pain, and many more things that I found I could possibly help them in other ways. I am so happy to now offer Hypnotherapy, Placenta Encapsulation, and TENS rental in addition to my Doula services; working with one of my best friends in this endeavor is also a wonderful benefit!

I am also a member of BABI (Bay Area Birth Info)as the South Bay Chapter Director and Meet BABI Vendor Chair and participate in monthly doula peer review.

I look forward to meeting and helping you with anything that might be of benefit to you.

You can learn more about me on my personal doula website: Delivery Doula